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Sample Topics

  • Chumash
  • Navi
  • Writings - Ketubim
  • Ben Ish Hai
  • Prayer/Tefilah
  • Personal Growth/Midot
  • Jewish Ethics - Mussar
  • Holidays
    ...and more

Havruta Study for the Sephardic Community

"I am not a Rabbi, I'm just a regular guy... I am very busy and my time is very tight... But when my havruta calls and we learn Torah together I can't explain the feeling and the joy that I get. I can make huge deals that day but when I go home its the time I spent learning with my havruta that's what I remember. To be able to participate in this organization is a privilege." – Freddy Sayegh, Brooklyn N.Y. is endorsed by
the Leading Sephardic Rabbis
and Roshei Kollelim

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