Over the last decade, the number of Torah classes available in the Sephardic community has been growing at an unprecedented rate. There are classes in our Synagogues, our homes, and over the internet, making it easier than ever to access and connect with our heritage. This movement is a tribute to our community and to the value we place on tradition and Torah study. Yet despite this remarkable growth, the pace of life and our many responsibilities make it difficult for many of us to take advantage of these opportunities.

Over the past twenty years, Partners in Torah pioneered the idea of over-the-phone havrutot, making Torah study accessible to men and women – any time of the day, anywhere they are – from the comfort of their home or office. Over 50,000 people have participated in this program to date, including some 500 members of the Sephardic community. In an effort to model these successes and bring them to a wider audience, a group of men and women from the Sephardic community have come together with the goal of tailoring this program toward the Sephardic community. The result? Havruta.com.

We invite you to participate in this program and look forward to your feedback.

Sincerely, Havruta.com committee

Committee members
Joseph Cheheber
Monica Cohen
Matthew Salmon
David Shabot

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